Newberry Architecture began in 1997. Since those early days of the company, Newberry has moved from a cramped garage, to an office with more than 20 employees. Throughout these years of growth, many talented designers and architects joined Founding Principal Ken Newberry. Three of these talented team members are now principals of Newberry Architecture.

Principals Gina Brown, Jorge Carranza, and Clint Johnson have helped shape Newberry Architecture into one of Houston’s leading luxury architecture and design firms and influence the core values of the firm.

To accompany the firm’s recent rebrand, the principals sat down together to discuss what makes architecture their passion and how their dedication to the profession and their clients have shaped the architecture and design firm’s vision.

“We create spaces and architecture that influences people’s lives,” said Ken Newberry. “If we can create spaces that make people’s lives better so they can live their lives to the fullest and we’ve affected their lives positively, then we’ve done our job.”

One of Newberry’s core values has always been offering a client-centric experience. To achieve this, the principals work closely with their clients and design and technical teams.

“Whether it be a small kitchen remodel or a large custom home, we really take pride in making sure that our clients feel like the most important person on our team,” said Jorge Carranza. “We play off of each other’s strengths. We have colleagues that are strong and artistic and others that are strong on the technical side of things. I think our collaborative approach is what helps to bring those two together.”

The four principals were each raised in environments where architecture and design were valued by their families. For Gina Brown, it began at the age of five when she observed her family’s own home transforming. A passion for design also began at an early age for Clint, whose mother was also an interior designer.

“To be involved in my clients’ dreams and to know that what we do, the decisions we make in the design process really has an effect on the way they live their lives,” said Clint Johnson. “There are so few jobs that you can do in the world that can have as big of an effect on people.”

The Newberry Architecture team continues to grow with the help of its principals. To meet the entire team, click here.

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