Newberry Architecture is a full-service firm established in 1997 by Founding Principal Ken Newberry. He established Newberry based on an important belief: Architecture should reflect every client’s personal style and enhance their day-to-day experiences. With that as a founding principle, Ken has assembled a deep team of professionals that understands the value of listening and recognizes that architecture is about clients and what they envision – not about architects and what they want to design. Our roots were humble, to say the least. The staff worked in two small rooms out of Ken’s home, sharing desk space, phones, and other equipment; they were so pressed for space that the bathroom doubled as the print room. But as both the staff and the client base expanded, the firm moved from its crowded-house office to a new space that could accommodate a growing business that had earned a reputation and respect for putting clients first.

After only two years from its formation, Ken’s vision led to projects throughout the Houston area and on both coasts. From there, Newberry went global, completing projects in Belize, Canada, Italy, and Mexico. The firm continued to expand its footprint across the country and around the world, due largely to a collaborative and passionate approach to design, a commitment to teamwork, and a respect for the diverse perspectives that our clients and staff bring to every project.

Today, under the leadership of three principals, Newberry Architecture continues to foster a high-performance and high-quality work environment defined by close relationships, not only with clients, but also with contractors, consultants, and builders. Newberry Architecture’s ability and willingness to communicate with everyone in the process – combined with the creative and technical expertise expected from a leading architecture firm – helps ensure that clients get the project of their dreams.