Architecture is in Clint Johnson’s blood; he was born to do this —and he has followed those deep roots all the way to the top.

Clint’s father was a homebuilder and his mother an interior designer. Through a lifetime of education, devotion to the craft and hard work, he grew into a brilliant fusion of both of their skill sets. Building has been a part of Clint from day one. Even as a child, he was drawn to figuring out how things work, taking things apart and reassembling them to understand firsthand how multiple pieces come together.

That fascination continues to fuel his work today, with his unique knowledge of many different facets of the design and building process. Clint not only can see the greater picture, but he also understands each brush stroke needed to create it. With Newberry Architecture, a vital piece of that process is connecting deeply with clients and the entire team, understanding the importance of each individual role while knowing how to lead others to success and ultimately satisfaction.

Clint’s hunger for knowledge and growth led him to earn a degree in interior design from the University of Houston. He worked for an architecture firm in college and was a highly sought-after freelancer, before Newberry was fortunate to welcome him to their strong team in 2003. His use of human scale to determine form and functionality, as well as his integration of landscaping with architecture to connect building with context, has been a hallmark of his work —which spans everything from intimate, small-scale projects to sprawling, multi-million-dollar mansions.

Both sizes of projects inform the success of the other.

“Big projects allow more time to come up with good solutions that are unique. We can apply those techniques to smaller projects, even with size limitations,” he says. “With small projects, we have to come up with unique solutions, due to limited square footage and time, and that can help us understand potential technical constraints in larger projects.”