Jorge Carranza was always ahead of the game. And that unique, passion-fueled headstart sent him on a trajectory for incredible success in architecture.

Jorge grew up with his father on construction sites. By 17, while still in high school, a highly motivated Jorge taught himself how to draft and secured a position at a residential interior design firm. There, he taught himself how to use computer-assisted design programs and quickly worked his way up to managing the company’s CAD operators. Before long, Jorge was overseeing operations for the entire 80-person firm.

Jorge would later go on to join an international company as its liaison with global clients, before joining Newberry in 2007 as a senior design associate. He worked hard and produced exceptional results that led to multiple promotions, and ultimately, the esteem of becoming a Principal in 2015.

That’s just the beginning of the drive and fire that fuels Jorge Carranza.

He has always gone above and beyond; while earning his structural analysis engineering degree at the University of Houston (and graduating magna cum laude), he founded an organization that connects engineering students with real-world opportunities. That nonprofit continues to thrive today.

Jorge’s hands-on knowledge of construction methods and building materials, coupled with a love and strength for architectural detailing, provide an outstanding foundation that helps him manage everything from garage renovations to multi-million-dollar projects. His vast commercial experience helps Jorge lead Newberry’s commercial and special projects, from cafes to churches to hospitality projects.

Jorge is a master of creating different processes, protocols and streamlining function and efficiency. His ultimate goal: to elevate the experience every client has with Newberry.

With an eye always on community, Jorge also volunteers with the engineering nonprofit he founded, as well as with the Houston Food Bank, the Justice Foundation, the Houston AIA Kids and Architecture program and AIDS Foundation Houston.