Meet Gina Brown, Newbery Architecture principal and designer, in her latest interview.

From the Interview

Gina Brown joined Newberry Architecture in 2006, but her passion for design was founded long before then. Her interest in architecture began as a child when her parent’s home was being built and her parents explained to her what an architect was.

“It was really from that point forward that I knew that’s what I wanted to do,” said Gina. “I find inspiration in anything well-crafted. That can be in fashion, music, art, traveling, other architecture. But ultimately, what inspires me is cradling our client’s lifestyle and needs with creative design solutions, and that, to me, is inspiring.”

Her longstanding passion shaped her leadership at the firm as well as her creative output in order to develop a more successful team.

“We lead with the creative approach first, looking at the aesthetics of the project, but always in the back of our minds we must consider the technical aspects of a project and how that works with the design we cultivated so carefully,” said Gina. “Combining those two is what makes a project successful.”

When it comes to executing projects, the firm views what they do as an intimate collaboration between clients, consultants, and themselves, she says.

“Newberry Architecture is really about fulfilling the client’s dreams, and that’s what builds us up,” said Gina.